Prof. John Schindler “doesn’t know” why key people at TorProject aren’t brought up on terrorism charges

Last night on twitter:

I find this an odd response. When security professionals treat the word “terrorism” in a flippant manner, it devalues the seriousness of the word (which normally should evoke visions of car bombs in Times Square).

This is not the best PR for the security profession if they want to impress congress and grab more money.

Attaching the word to a publicly funded project run by a group of rather clever computer geeks evokes an image as far away from the Times Square car bomb as it is possible to get. Which scenario is more likely to screw more money out of congress: combating computer geeks or combating car bombs?

Security Professionals should smarten up and at least try to act as though they are serious minded individuals concerned with the “real” threats.

John R. Schindler: Professor of National Security Affairs at the U.S. Naval War College.

The Tor Project: sponsored by the Naval Research Laboratory from 2006 to 2010.

(Currently sponsored by the US Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor from 2013 to 2015.)


Gen Clapper: Shouldn’t the 1.7 million figure have remained classified?

From Gen. Clapper on down, the spooks are insisting that Mr. Snowden took 1.7 million files/documents with him when he left Hawaii for Hong Kong.

Before that revelation, everyone thought the figure was closer to 58,000.

Shouldn’t the spooks have kept their 1.7 million figure classified and stuck with the 58,000 figure?

All it has done, releasing this stupendously large figure, is make poor Gen. Alexander look terrible. It speaks to his incompetence more clearly than anything I know. Certainly more than the 58,000 files did.

HE was the guy who let the files walk out the front door of the Hawaii exchange. He was in charge, he was supposed to be the man for the job, people looked up to him. Now he is deeply in the shit.

And it is not as though he did not have prior warning this might happen — Chelsea Manning demonstrated very, very clearly what happens when security is treated in a lackadaisical manner — he demonstrated it to the World! Yet somehow poor Gen. Alexander missed the significance of the message. Edward Snowden knew Alexander’s blind spot, that’s for sure.

Anyway, that’s why I think it would have been better for Gen. Alexander if everyone had kept their trap shut about the 1.7 million.