Photos from Kiev! And a very interesting blog!

Found some really interesting pictures of the Euromaidan protesters’ occupation in the center of Kiev. Well worth a look, plus there is a detailed map, plus a thorough explanation of all that the pictures show. It’s called “Anatomy of Maidan. Virtual tour of the protesters’ grounds”.




“Protesters in Kiev coping with winter better than the Wehrmacht”.

A report in The Telegraph explains how this is:

Ukraine’s winter was harsh enough to stop Hitler’s tanks in 1941, but not the mass protests now sweeping central Kiev. As I write, tens of thousands of people are packing Independence Square — where the current temperature is minus 13C — for a series of passionate speeches denouncing Ukraine’s leaders.

— snip —

Behind all this lies an immense logistical effort. Women carry trays of sandwiches and tankards of steaming tea up to the men on the barricades. Well-wishers appear with sacks of winter clothes. An appeal has gone out for people to donate old tyres to be set ablaze on the main barricade across Grushevskogo Street. This feat of organisation explains how the protesters have coped with winter far better than the Wehrmacht. And if the Arctic chill cannot stop them, what might? The evidence suggests that President Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition leaders are all flying blind. No-one has a plan for resolving the confrontation. On the contrary, Mr Yanukovych’s past behaviour might serve as a masterclass for how to turn a drama into a crisis.

Read the rest of the report here.


Gen Clapper: Shouldn’t the 1.7 million figure have remained classified?

From Gen. Clapper on down, the spooks are insisting that Mr. Snowden took 1.7 million files/documents with him when he left Hawaii for Hong Kong.

Before that revelation, everyone thought the figure was closer to 58,000.

Shouldn’t the spooks have kept their 1.7 million figure classified and stuck with the 58,000 figure?

All it has done, releasing this stupendously large figure, is make poor Gen. Alexander look terrible. It speaks to his incompetence more clearly than anything I know. Certainly more than the 58,000 files did.

HE was the guy who let the files walk out the front door of the Hawaii exchange. He was in charge, he was supposed to be the man for the job, people looked up to him. Now he is deeply in the shit.

And it is not as though he did not have prior warning this might happen — Chelsea Manning demonstrated very, very clearly what happens when security is treated in a lackadaisical manner — he demonstrated it to the World! Yet somehow poor Gen. Alexander missed the significance of the message. Edward Snowden knew Alexander’s blind spot, that’s for sure.

Anyway, that’s why I think it would have been better for Gen. Alexander if everyone had kept their trap shut about the 1.7 million.